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James Hunt is a bit of a celebrity in the world of SEND (Special Educational Needs and/or Disability).

He is a single dad to two gorgeous young boys, both of whom are autistic.

James Hunt - Stories about Autism - Motivation, Productive and More with Life AsPland

James shares stories and updates on their progress, along with his daily challenges as a parent carer.

James is also a sandwich carer, caring for his parents, and has recently moved back to his parent’s home to ensure he can provide care for everyone. Not an easy task to do for anyone, and it is even more challenging when you have children who are not big fans of change.

James talks with Debs about how he stays motivated, how he keeps the plates spinning and how he finds time for himself. He also talks about how he has come to realise that a small amount of “me time” helps him to carry out his caring role for the rest of his family.

James has a large following on social media. Deservedly so. His stories, reels and posts really do give one of the best insights into the reality of life as a parent carer.

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