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Danielle Jata Hall was the winner of the Educating Education category at the BAPS awards in 2021. Her acceptance speech was one that is still talked about because it resonated with many of the parent carers sat in the audience.

She is a single mum to three amazing children.

Join Danielle Jata Hall as she chats Motivation, productivity and more with Life AsPland

She shares many stories and reels over on Instagram about PDA, helping to challenge misconceptions and educate people about what it really means.

She has worked in education supporting many children with SENd and has run a support group for other parents.

She is a public speaker, PDA advocate and an online campaigner. With the support of her local MP, Danielle has succeeded om tabling an early-day motion to get the PDA profile more nationally recognised.

She co-authored the children’s book “I’, not upside down, I’m downside up: Not a boring book about PDA” and is currently working on a fictional novel for adults called “Black Rainbow”

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If you want to be one of the first to grab a copy of her debut adult novel that we discuss in the podcast, head to her waitlist to be kept updated.

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