Mark Raynsford chatting to Life AsPland

Podcast – Mark Raysnford

Join me as I chat to Mark Raynsford, a personal trainer of 19 years.
We chat about knowing your why, are motivation and will power really brother and sister, does clarity bring confidence and much more.

Ojo Henley speaking to Life AsPland

Podcast – Jo Henley

Join Debs from Life AsPland as she chats to Jo Henley (of Ojo’s World) about setting three alarms, coffee in bed, choosing your plates and her love of lists.

Podcast – Steph Nimmo

Join Steph Nimmo and Debs as we chat about choosing excuses, going from a family of 6 to a family of 4 in 13 months, and how being vain can be a great motivator

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