About Me

About Me

Meet Debs

Our house is home to myself, my husband, three children, and a huge variety of special educational needs and disabilities (ranging from severe visual impairment to autism, from speech and communication issues to dyspraxia and from osteoarthritis to vertigo).  It’s also home to one small dog with a large personality.

Life is never ever dull

How do friends describe me?

I asked my friends and colleagues to describe me in three words because I wanted you to know the real me, not just the social media version.

This is what they said………….


What do people say about Chaos in Kent

Coaching and more

As well as being Mum and Wife, I am a qualified Life Coach. I love helping others to achieve more.

During our coaching, we start by helping you get clear on what you actually want and then we discuss and develop the ways you can achieve this.  Then, together, we come up with achievable smaller goals with specific actions to help you get there.

Often, this includes helping you to clear the chaos in your head (believe me, you won’t remember it unless it’s written down) and your ways of working.  I’ll also help you to address the fear of the ever-present imposter syndrome.

I also deliver workshops, speak about motivation and getting organised, run a blog, write guest blogs and also help to organise the amazing BAPS Bloggers Awards along with my latest project – the very exciting Festability.

In addition, I am an avid genealogy fan and spend hours tracing my family tree.

I do all of this with a constant desire to share what I learn with others so they can find calm in the chaos.

Join Me

Join me on my journey, say goodbye to your passion for procrastination and begin to believe you can have the life you want.

Work with Me

If you are interested in working with me, either as a coach or  mentor, or you wish to invite me to be a speaker at one of your events, please get in touch via my contact page

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