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Over the last few weeks, a friend of mine has been posting images of her new leather journal and Mont Blanc fountain pen on her Instagram account.

Now, like many ladies, I have a passion for stationery. A visit to any stationery shop makes me a happy lady.

Seeing my friend’s beautiful journal inspired me. It also reminded me that when I was a teenager, I used to journal in a very tattered and shabby reporter’s notebook. I still own this and whenever I read a page or two, it transports me straight back to being in my mid-teens lying on my bed in the small box room (every house built from the 50’s-80’s had one) surrounded by posters of Curiosity Killed The Cat and Michael Jackson. Of course, being a teenager, the journal is very dramatic and there are lots of quotes about unrequited love, heartbreak, being misunderstood and lyrics from INXS.

However, the reasons I journalled in my teens are pretty similar to why I journal now.

20140217-075536Ten reasons why I journal:

1. You cannot doodle on a blog – yes, you can take a photo of a doodle and attach it but it’s not the same.

2. There are some things I may not wish to share on my blog or others may not wish me to write publicly about.

3. There are libel laws

4. I am a random person and change my passions quite regularly. My blog followers may find the inconsistency a tad off-putting.

5. Blog posts are edited and amended whereas journaling tends to be more “real”.

20140217-0810296. I want to have somewhere to jot down my thoughts, the inspiring quotes and the funny and awesome things my kids do – yes, I have a Pinterest account for some of that but I want to be able to lie in bed in my 70’s with a cuppa, my journals and a smile.

7. I do a lot of writing – on here and a variety of sites – so I want somewhere to write about me; not about special needs, campaigning, disability or the education system.

8. I have a beautiful Shaeffer pen that needs a project

9. I have a Filofax (which I am currently vamping up too) but that is about work .

10. I just want a journal, lol – I am trying to justify it!

Do you journal?  Tell me what you love about it.  Share the benefits you find and why others should have a go.

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