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Are you like me?  Really good at being there for others but then not asking for help when you need it.  Or perhaps you have tried asking for help and not got the response you expected?

This can put you off asking for help again.  However, we have to just acknowledge that sometimes the people you help may not be the people who can help you.

Asking for help

Ask for helpSo today, I am publicly asking anyone reading this for help to motivate me on the weight loss journey!

Just to clarify here – I know what I should do, I am not looking for suggestions on what to eat, what exercise to do.  I am looking for some ideas around motivating myself to do all of that!

A big issue for me is I do not have a competitive bone in my body.

  • When I write blog posts, I don’t care if people get more views than me.
  • When I play Candy Crush, I don’t care if I am ahead of friends or getting more points on a game.
  • When I do a FB Live, I don’t care if other people get more people joining in their FB Lives.
  • When I join in a Fitbit challenge, I don’t care if I am bottom of the board.

So as you can imagine, I can’t use competition to lose weight.  I don’t want to be the skinniest or fittest or fastest or the person who runs the longest distance.  It just doesn’t matter.

I could say I don’t have time but we all know that’s just an excuse.  I could easily find the time.  I am just not motivated by being the biggest loser!

Last year I did a whole month of sharing my Fitbit steps on Instagram.  This held me publicly accountable.  I made sure I hit 10K a day so I could share the screenshot of my Fitbit dashboard; even though I doubt anyone would have noticed if I didn’t post (Instagram’s Alogrithm changes almost daily so you never know who sees your posts in their feeds anymore).

The only thing about being publicly accountable with my weight is actually sharing those horrible numbers.  Not sure I could deal with the thought of that.  I don’t think publicly shaming myself is the way to go.

However, I know public accountability works for me.

I have used slimming clubs in the past with great success.  That action of getting weighed in front of someone else each week was the reason it worked (not because I followed a set diet).

However, weekly clubs are not something I can commit to – life is too chaotic at the moment with lots of appointments and meetings.  So I can’t attend a class every Wednesday morning or whatever.

So I think I need to be publicly accountable in a virtual way.

Any suggestions you have would be really appreciated as I am struggling here and being personally accountable doesn’t work for me.

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