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I am always looking at new ways to get motivated or if I am being frank, to get off my butt and do something rather than thinking about/talking about/writing about what my future self will be.

I found a new tactic a few weeks ago.

What would your future self do?

Many of us have dreams of what we want our lives to look like.  Some of us dream of being a few dress sizes smaller; some of us want to have an award winning blog; some of us want to be a famous author; some of us want to run a marathon and so the list continues.

In order to achieve our goals though, we need to put the work in.  It’s no use thinking that the whole “Ask, Believe, Receive” strategy works if you don’t.

When you next find yourself sitting on the sofa, in your PJs, dreaming of the life you want.  Stop.  Ask yourself “If I was a successful author/blogger/runner, etc – what would I be doing now?”.

I am fairly sure the answer would not be “sat on the sofa in your PJs watching Real Housewives”.

If you want to be an award winning blogger, the answer would be something like “writing a blog post, taking some photos, editing some photos, planning the month’s work” or something similar.

Perhaps if you want to be a few dress sizes smaller, the answer would be something like “working out, planning my menu for the week, prepping my food for the week ahead” or something similar.

Or if you want to be an author, the answer would be something like “writing another 1000 words of my book, defining my characters, researching something that appears in my book”.

And so on.

There is nothing wrong with sitting on the sofa in your PJs watching Real Housewives.  However, not every day.  Not for hours at a time (even if Netflix make that oh so easy).

If you want your future self to achieve your goal, you need to start acting like them and doing the work now.

Let me know what your future self would be doing.  Make it a public declaration and see if that public accountability helps you.

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0 thoughts on “What would your future self do?”

  1. I want to be healthy, with my blog plodding happily along. I don’t want to be award winning, it’s not something I strive to. Future me would be moving and eating well, which I’m actually doing! x

  2. My future self will be resitting my professional ethics exam if I don’t get off my butt and do some revision today! But in my defence the little one is poorly so I’ve not got all that much time to do any revision without her clinging to me. This is a good tactic though, and one that I’ve used subconsciously before ๐Ÿ™‚ #TheMMLinky

  3. My future self would write a novel and the truth is I have said this for years and done little about it. I know about taking baby steps and how powerful that can be so perhaps I really should apply this to my writing ambitions and in fact ,I might spring into action and do that. Thanks. #TheMMlinky

  4. I love this type of motivation! My future self is with my family, watching a the film of the book I am writing right now (and trying not to blub with pride)! So here goes, I’m off to keep chipping away a little more and stop being distracted by my blog!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

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