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So come on, be honest, how often have you forgotten that you are only human.
Do you set yourself standards way above what you would expect from others?  Do you expect to be able to do everything and do it well?

Last week, we talked about speaking kindly to yourself.  This week, I want to talk about having realistic expectations!

Is this where you are going wrong?  Are you juggling too many balls?  Spinning too many plates?  Wondering why you are failing miserably?

First of all, remember Failing does not make you a failure.  It just means this time it didn’t quite go to plan.  You failed.  You are not a failure.

Grab a notebook (come on, you should know by now I will find any excuse to grab a notebook).

Busy post its scattered on a wallWrite down a list of everything you are trying to do!

I don’t mean a to do list of everything you want to achieve, I mean a list of everything you are trying to do.  All the things that don’t always go on your to do list.

food shopping, meal planning (often 3 variations for each meal), make meals, listen while the kids tell you how much they hate veg, encourage children to wash, do the laundry, the ironing, put the clothes away, keep the kids occupied, referee their battles, unblock the shower (again), change bed sheets (without disturbing the car arrangement), move the items from the stairs (the ones you put there so people would take them up when they went but they never did), sort that pile mountain of paperwork, find time for friends, help kids with homework, make time for hubby, walk the dog, have a shower without an audience, get dressed, etc etc etc!!!

Now add to that your own stuff – your blog, work, forms to fill in, emails to send, phone calls to make.

Now consider possible sleep deprivation.

Now add in the unexpected “blips” – visits to A&E, car problems, broken washing machine or tumble dryer.

Now tell me how you are supposed to do all of that, without any problems, and still stay sane!

You can’t!  You wouldn’t expect anyone else to.

So today, as you sit thinking what a failure you are.  Just remember.  You can do anything but not everything.

You can do anything but not everything

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  1. I was reminded of this a couple of weeks ago after a mini-breakdown. And, when you write a list like that, it seems amazing that we can get even half of that done, doesn’t it?! #TheMMLinky

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