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Today is World Kindness Day.  I have to be honest, as a I type this, I am not feeling “kind” towards quite a few people.  So I wanted to talk about how you change that mindset, so you are not just giving all your time and energy to the negative people who drain your energy.

How do you go from feeling hacked off to feeling kind?

I have found a few ways to do this.

  1. I accept I am only human so I am being kind to myself and accepting that in life I will never like everyone nor will everyone like me.
  2. I accept that being truly hacked off with one or two people does not mean I have to be a total bit*h to everyone else.  I live in the SEND Arena and unfortunately there will always be people I have to deal with who annoy the heck out of me (and that’s me being polite)
  3. I accept that we are all different.  We do things differently.  So for example, if there’s something going on in my life that makes me angry/cross or unhappy, you will either hear what’s wrong or have no idea that anything is wrong.  I don’t drop hints and then ask you to pm me if you want more details.  However, some people do and I have to accept that this is their way of coping.  It doesn’t work for me but that’s fine.
  4. I have shared a post on my FB page asking people to tag someone they want to compliment

Be Kind

Get outside!

One of the ways I love being kind, a really easy way, is to let other drivers out of side roads ahead of me; or let people through first.  It is a simple thing to do, it costs nothing, it makes the other person feel happy to not sit there for an hour waiting to get out and it makes you feel good.

What else can you do on World Kindness Day?

  1. Open a door for someone
  2. Tell a friend how much you appreciate their support
  3. Tell an organisation how useful they have been to you
  4. Tell a teacher how much you appreciate what they are doing for your child
  5. Tell your partner how much you love them
  6. Smile at strangers
  7. Carry a bag for someone
  8. Let someone go ahead of you at the check out
  9. Make someone laugh
  10. Offer to help a friend with a problem

The list is actually endless.  It doesn’t need to cost anything but your time.  Yes, you can buy a coffee for the person behind you in the queue or even pay for a meal for someone, but sadly not everyone is in a position to have spare cash.  You can be kind without any financial cost.

I would love to hear how you have been kind today.  What one small thing have you done on World Kindness Day?

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