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Life brings with it a variety of experiences.  Laugh out loud moments, cry in despair moments, unbelievably proud mum moments, love my husband moments, wish the dog would stop barking at everyone moments, proud of me moments and want to close the door and hide moments.

All of these moments are either more pleasurable or more bearable if Mr Sleep has honoured us with his presence.

Mr SleepWhat happens when Mr Sleep doesn’t visit:

  • I walk around like a zombie
  • I forget why I walked into a room
    • When I remember why, I then forget what I wanted the object for anyway
  • Mr Grumpy arrives
  • Mr Anxious and Mr Stress settle in for a long stay
  • I shout more
  • My to do list gets ignored
  • I cannot focus on anything
  • I forget to eat
    • Or I eat absolute rubbish because it’s convenient
  • I put everything off
  • Hygiene takes a back seat
  • I feel fat and frumpy
  • I feel sorry for myself
  • I close myself away from the world
  • I get angry with myself
  • I feel like a failure
  • My tolerance for anyone and anything disappears
  • I imagine slights and slurs
  • I feel like the world is against me
  • I feel unloved and unlovable
  • The washing piles up
  • The ironing piles up
  • The dishes pile up
  • The takeaway cartons multiply
  • I feel alone

What happens when Mr Sleep visits:

  • Everything is more bearable
  • More things seem achievable
  • Everyone seems happier to see me
  • Mr Motivation arrives
  • I shower
  • I get dressed
  • I am fun mum again
  • I am a nicer wife to have around
  • I feel loved and lovable
  • I get out and socialise

Mr Men have unbelievable powers

I have talked about us not being Superwoman before and although I think we are amazing to do all we do, I know how much better I do all of that when my own personal Super Hero, Mr Sleep, has visited.  It’s always better if he visits for a few nights on the run, rather than just once or twice a week/month.  I know I can actually feel worse after just one night’s sleep, my head feels as if I have had a heavy drinking session the night before.  I am awake but not quite functioning.

We have lots of Mr Men in our home – Mr Grumpy is a regular (hubby and J are not morning people); Mr Tickle is a family favourite; Mr Worry visits us quite frequently and thankfully when Mr Sleep has visited, Mr Happy arrives to help us celebrate.

Still looking for:

We have been looking for Mr Wealthy and Mr Organised so if you happen to know where they are, point them in our direction please.  We’d be ever so grateful.

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