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It’s Monday and that means one thing here – how to get motivated!  Today, I am sharing something I recently read, a story about an Indian man and a  wolf – or two.

Hang on, Debs, I hear you say. What are you talking about? Monday Motivation? Sounds more like Monday Madness!

Stay with me, this will make sense, I promise.

Which Wolf do you feed?

An old man said “On my shoulders are two wolves.

One is a black wolf – who continually tempts me to do and say the wrong things.

On my other shoulder is a white wolf – who continually encourages me to live up to my very best”

A listener asked the man “Which of these wolves has the greatest power over you?”

The old man replied “The one I feed”

Which wolf do you feed?If you only focus on the black wolf, the one who tempts you with perhaps chocolate or to put off that one job you hate, then you are feeding him. He will grow bigger and stronger.

If you make an effort to focus on the white wolf, the one who encourages you, the one who says “you’ve got this”, then you are feeding him. He will grow bigger and stronger.

So, today make a choice.

As the black wolf tempts you to stay on the sofa, or to eat the rest of those chocolates hidden in the fridge, tell him to do one.

Instead, go for the white wolf, do those things you know you should do but keep putting off.

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