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I love the beach, I may have mentioned it once or twice.

Walk down the beachOn Friday we had to call into the new caravan park to sort out insurance and decided to have a walk down the beach along the beach wall.

To get to a sandy beach is a 5 min drive or a 40 minute stroll along the beach wall. We decided to do the walk.

The first huge bonus was my youngest could walk along without anyone holding his arm, supporting him or constantly worrying. A large path with walls either side, nowhere to stumble on and he loved it.  Look at that smug smile.  He was delighted.

J walking down the beach

The other two could run off ahead but stay within sight.

R & K walk down the beach

Hubby and I actually strolled along holding hands. Something we rarely manage to do when the kids are in tow.  We were all enjoying this walk down the beach.

We eventually turned back and headed to the carvery next to the caravan park for dinner. Something on the menu for everyone (which was a real bonus) and after a chilled dinner, we decided to drive down to the next town and look around.

Dymchurch is just gorgeous.  A proper old fashioned seaside resort.  Arcades, a small funfair and a great beach.

Dymchurch Beach
We arrived as the tide came in, of course

Our plans for more walks down the beach

As part of owning the caravan is a quest to do more outside the house as a family, away from iPads and PS4s, having such a great walk on the doorstep is such an asset.  Initially I was concerned that we were a walk away from a sandy beach but this walk is so pleasant, it makes it a bonus.

It’s also so flat, I can cycle into the nearby towns – I am still on the quest for that ideal cycling route, the one where I arrive at my destination looking windswept and intriguing, not a hot, sweaty mess!

I have also taken lots of before photos of inside the van and will be sharing them shortly.

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