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Oh I wish my life could be organised as beautifully as my Pinterest boards.

20130622-154511I have such an unbelievable envy of those who are organised and have a tidy home. My house is full of piles of paperwork, boxes of toys, over flowing drawers and tables masquerading as “in trays”.

I then search for inspiration on the lovely inspiring Pinterest but so many of these people have their own office space. I live in a three bed semi, with 3 children, 1 husband and 1 dog. An empty space is just not there and believe me, I’ve looked. I don’t have a hall way “nook” to convert into an office not do I have a husband with a passion for DIY so help! I work full time (plus) on a voluntary basis and a few more hours each day would be a welcome addition.

What is your office space like, does everyone use the dining table (or sofa, let’s be honest here) or is that just me?

What are your top tips for organising homes and paperwork?


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