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Like many women of a certain age, I have tried every single diet plan there is. I know all about poor choices.  I know all about what I should be doing.  I know what I should be eating.  I know what helps me to shed weight.

Why do I make poor choicesHere’s what I know about diets?

Calorie counting is not necessarily the answer – eating one Big Mac Meal a day may keep you in your calorie limits but your body won’t thank you for it

Low fat – a la Rosemary – is not necessarily the healthiest diet.  You need some fat in your diet.

Carb free is not easy to keep up – living without any bread, potatoes or pasta (when you also have a family of five) is not an easy option.

Shakes and bars do not a meal make.  They may work short term but they teach you nothing about eating healthily.

The 5:2 or ADF diet works for some, but others (ok, me) really go to town on the days they’re not fasting.

The cabbage soup diet makes you hugely unpopular.

Food isn’t the problem:

It’s not the food we eat that is the real problem, it is why we eat that food.

When we know that one slice of cake is never enough and that one slice will lead to another (and another), why do we still eat it?

When we know that calories we eat in private still count, why do we still eat then?

When we know that the bar of chocolate will still be there tomorrow if we want it, do we choose it today?

Why do we make poor choices?  

When we know exactly what the problem is – when we know what foods we are eating to help us gain weight – then why are still making poor choices?

It’s time to go back to the very beginning and work out why you are eating them.  What do you get from it?  When you make poor choices, especially when you are totally aware you are making them, what is happening in your life?

There is a theory that people over eat to stop themselves saying what they really think.  It’s a subconscious way of stopping the words coming out.

Maybe that’s your reason?

There is a theory that people over eat because they don’t think they are lovable.  They believe they’re unloveable whether they are fat or slim.

Is that your reason?

Maybe you worry that if you lose weight, you won’t be the same person and people may not like you?

Maybe you use your weight as a barrier; to avoid others getting close?

My poor choices

This is something I am really looking into at the moment.  My own choices have lead to a large weight gain and the more miserable I get about it, the more I do it again.

Every evening, my hubby goes for a soak.  As he enters the bath, I enter the fridge.  I will pick at anything and everything.  Cheese, chocolate, biscuits, even crisps and I don’t even like crisps very much.

Hubby isn’t the problem, he would happily go to the fridge for me and get me everything I asked for.  I don’t do it to hide it from him.

So why do I do it?

I know that eating these without being seen doesn’t mean the calories won’t be seen.   I know that I will feel yuck for the rest of the evening and I will feel even worse when I next get on the scales.

So why?

why do I make poor choicesWhat’s the answer?

I am trying to work out what it is that I get from that fridge raid and then I can look at what I can replace that with.

A few things are helping me.

Listening to my slimpod is helping me throughout the day – as a work from home Mum, I have access to the kitchen all day.  Listening to the slimpod has stopped me picking throughout the day.  However, the evenings are still a problem so I am trying to re-listen to the pods when hubby goes into the bath.

Being honest.  Admitting it is an issue for me.

Looking at habit – I know it’s a habit and have read loads of books about making/breaking bad habits.  One of the things I took from Better than Before – by Gretchen Rubin was that I work better if I am accountable to others.  I don’t hold myself to account.  I would like to but I don’t.

I think this is why diet classes worked for me in the past.  Not so much following the diet but actually being accountable to someone else.  However, I struggle with the “clicks” within classes, being the “new girl” so I now avoid them.

So what suggestions do you have?  

How can I be accountable to others?

How do I stop the evening fridge raids?

I am open to all suggestions so please comment away and let me know what you think I should try.  I will report back every month and let you know what I’ve tried and how it’s going.

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