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Steph, a suburban mother, sometime Marketing Director, now family plate spinner, journalist, carer, nurse, spokesperson, campaigner and marathon runner (actual as well as metaphorical). 

Steph has four extraordinary children, her two boys have a diagnosis of high functioning autism yet they could not be more different, her eldest daughter is a creative social justice warrior, her youngest daughter was born with a very rare genetic condition.

In December 2015 Steph also became a widow, her husband, the father of her children & her partner of 27 years, Andy, died of cancer, leaving them with a gaping hole in their lives. 13 months later their darling daughter Daisy died.

Steph’s life was never going to be predictable but as Andy always said, it is what it is, it’s how you respond which makes the difference.

Join us as we chat about choosing excuses, going from a family of 6 to a family of 4 in 13 months, and how being vain can be a great motivator

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