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On the podcast today, I am joined by the very entertaining Emma Murphy.

Emma is a special needs teacher, a mum of two boys and has a crazy springer spaniel who drives her mad and saves her sanity in equal measures.

She juggles teaching part time with being a carer for her 10 year old who has complex medical needs and profound learning disabilities and she also occasionally guest lectures to health and educational professionals about how best to support families like ours.

She eats far too much cheese and enjoy more than the occasional glass of wine. She loves reading and writing but never does either of those as much as she’d like.

Emma talks about how she used to have notes on back of envelopes, on white boards, on her phone and random places around the house and how using the Bullet Journal method has helped her to stay on top of everything. She also shares the importance of always having a Plan B – something we don’t all make time for.

Emma talks about allowing ourselves time to process the bad times, allowing ourselves to be sad so that we don’t implode.

She also talks about her sheer laziness when it comes to exercise and always being able to find something else she would much rather be doing.

Have a listen as we talk Motivation, Productivity and more over on the podcast.

Emma Murphy

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