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As I sit watching the news about Paris, I wonder how on earth we are supposed to be positive and, as a mum, I wonder how I can stay positive for my children when they are asking me that question for which there is no answer, or not one that make sense.


So, as a planner, who loves to plan, I decided I am going to plan to be positive.  

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I will set myself some small goals each week or month to help me stay positive and, most importantly, I will do all I can to achieve them.

I already write a gratitude journal and write the three things each day I am grateful for but I need more focus.  A focus on being positive and staying positive.  My gratitude journal is a reflection of the day, it doesn’t let me plan on how to more grateful or positive.

I find I achieve more if I hold myself publicly accountable – so I will be sharing my three goals each week and the following week I will also share how I achieved them.

My three goals for this week:

  1.  I will produce a list of daily things I need to do – I think about this a lot, a sort of checklist of daily “to do” but I never get round to doing it.  I have friends who swear by them for household chores (hoover, washing, etc) and other friends who use them for their blogs and businesses (post to Instagram, Pinterest, schedule a Tweet, etc).  So I will come up with a list of things I need to do each day and get a tad more organised.  Seeing this produced will make me feel positive (and probably wanting a few more hours in the day)
  2. I will organise a coffee catch up with a friend I haven’t seen for a few months.  This will make me feel positive.
  3. I will listen to my “Thinking Slimmer” Slim Pod every day – I know it helps me and then I find reasons excuses for not having time to listen.  It’s 8 minutes but yes, I can still say I don’t have time!  Listening to this, stops me picking and makes me want to be more active so this will make me positive.

What about you?

Do you want to join in?  Would you like to Plan for Positivity?  What would you choose to do?

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