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I am not sure it is a word but I am fairly certain that I am Pinteresting my life at the moment.

There are rumours that Pinterest was in fact created by a man who wanted his wife to lose weight, get fit, decorate the home, cook amazing meals and still manage to look amazing and up to date at the same time.  I can understand how this rumour started but I don’t think he took into account that Pinterest can be all time consuming and addictive.

There is a theory that if our lives were as amazing as our Boards, then we wouldn’t have time for Pinterest.  May that never happen.

Pinteresting your lifePinteresting – a verb

I realised Pinterest had become a verb in my life when I recently found myself going into my bedroom to put away washing, only to find myself suddenly ripping up carpet and removing staples where the underlay had been stapled down (I know, don’t ask)!

A friend asked if I was nesting and I replied, without hesitation, “no, I am Pinteresting”.

I have been a fan of Pinterest for many years.  I was in at the beginning when you had to be invited to join.  How glad am I that the invite only was removed.  The number of projects and ideas has multiplied at a speed that no one could have foreseen.

The number of projects and ideas I have tried have also multiplied at a speed that no one (especially my poor husband) could have foreseen.

My husband has had to deal with my numerous Pinteresting attempts projects.  He has gone from “what the ….” to “oh, we’ve been on Pinterest again have we?”

He challenged me last night to find something on there which would be of interest to him – after I bravely declared that he would love it as much as I did if he gave it a chance.  Thankfully he has a passion for cycling so I put that little word in the search box and sat back watching numerous pins pop up and even if he denies it, I saw a glint of interest appear in his eyes.  I will convert him.

Pop over if you have a spare day or two, and check out some of my boards and pins.  If you just need a giggle, then pop over to my I intend to but probably won’t board – every girl should have one.

Do you practise Pinteresting too?  Share your favourite board below so I can pop over and have a look.  If you know of any good boards for men, then please let me know.

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