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Well, my mission to get organised continues. I have spent a lot of time reading blogs and tips. I have also spent many hours on my beloved Pinterest.

I purchased a lovely A5 filfoax as phone apps were not doing it for me. I had discovered Astrid which I thought may be the solution but guess what, they put out an announcement a few days later to say (without saying) that Yahoo’s purchase of them meant they would no longer be around!

After much procrastination and reading top tips articles on Pinterest about how to overcome procrastination (procrastinating by reading about procrastinating – says a lot about me, I know), I decided it was time to tackle the paperwork. This was in four different “large” piles around my house so we put it all together.




I have to say I was almost in tears when I saw the piles on my sitting room floor and sofa. However, I also knew that my to do list had items which I couldn’t do until I found certain paperwork. Two of my children have “Blue Badges” for disabled parking and both need renewing. I needed Son 1’s DLA letter confirming he met criteria and also Son 2’s Registration of Visual Impairment. Could I find them?

So I set to it.

Here is the end result – two small boxes (one home and one work) and one box of stationery (including envelopes – which we can never find and end up buying again).




20130711-093940I now have to go through the small boxes to add “divider tabs” to make it even easier to find what I need but the feeling of satisfaction – or smugness – is very rewarding.

The best thing is the feeling that something I have put off and put off and put off is now almost done (the dividers will take 20 mins).

What tasks have you put off and off? How did you motivate yourself to get it done?

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