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What one thing can you do today?

So often when we think about our goals, we think about the big picture. “I want to lose 2 stone”, “I want to be able to run 5k”, “I want to be able to speak Spanish”. For many of us the goal seems so far from the reality we have today.

However, stop and think. What one thing could you do today to help you reach your goal?

What one step can you take todayFor example, if the goal is weight loss, what one thing could you do today to help? It may be making healthier choices, eating smaller portions, planning your meals for the week or even preparing your meals for the week.

If your goal is to run 5k, then download the Couch to 5K and get day one under your belt. As you only run three days a week on that, then another day you can schedule when you can fit the sessions in, and another day you can put together a playlist to get you through the next run. All little things but each one will help you to get to your final goal.

If you want to learn a language, practice a new phrase today. Repeat it throughout the day until it feels so natural. Say it as you run the Hoover over, as you fill the dishwasher, take the dog for a walk or even get the kids involved and say it on the school run.
Choose a phrase you may use rather than one of the old school “where is the youth hostel” type phrase! If you are unclear about how to pronounce it, just google it.

Every goal we have can only be reached by taking small steps; by changing our current habits. As the saying goes, if you do what you have always done, you’ll get what you have always got”. You need to make changes but they can be small.

If you are thinking about weight loss, changing one small habit at a time, rather than doing the whole “I will never my an unhealthy choice again, I will go to the gym every day, I will remove all sugar immediately from my diet” will help to make it something you can sustain.

It is just one small step and it may seem like a small step but imagine doing one small thing each day? One small step feels like something you can achieve. It’s so much easier to do one small step than to try to do everything all at once. Each of these small steps though, move you forward to that final goal.

As you sit down today, ask yourself. “What one thing can I do today?”


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