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Like many women, I have spent most of my adult life on some kind of diet.  If you can name a diet, I have probably tried it.  However, the one belief I have always held is that if chocolate did not exist, I would have no weight problem.

My love of chocolate

I love the stuff.  Be it as a bar of just chocolate or a bar with fruit, nuts, biscuit, caramel or nougat or a biscuit or a cake or a pudding.  Chocolate is my thing.  I can take or leave crisps and although I love bread, I can happily live without it.  Chocolate however, is a different passion.  I just cannot get enough of it!

The only format of chocolate I don’t like is hot chocolate – not sure why but I can’t stand the stuff.  Every dieter says to me, oh have an Options when you fancy some chocolate but I just cannot drink the stuff (and believe me when I say I have tried).

Giving up chocolate

Let's talk about chocolateI am in a Facebook group with other mums trying to be healthier (while also trying to survive in the world of SEND) and two weeks ago, I introduced a new challenge to the group (because we had totally gone off track).  We each had to commit to one healthier habit for just 7 days.

We all chose something different, some gave up crisps, some committed to move more, some committed to staying on plan for 7 days, some would drink more water and one nutter signed up for a Christmas shred!

I went for 7 days of no chocolate.

And I succeeded.

However, I replaced the chocolate with biscuits.  Coconut ring, anyone?  Ginger snap?  Jammy Dodger (yes, seriously – this was where I ended up).  I was actually quite impressed with the variety of biscuits without chocolate.

So the next 7 days, I went for no chocolate and no replacing the chocolate with biscuits!

Again, I succeeded.

However, once again, I replaced the chocolate and biscuits with more sugar filled delights.  Belgian Bun, anyone? Custard slice?  Bowl of ice cream with strawberry sauce?

I have realised that chocolate is not my problem.  It’s sugar.  I can survive without chocolate but I am no nearer to being without a weight problem than when I do have it.

This week’s challenge

This week, starting today, I am aiming for a week with no sweet things.  Or more accurately, no sweet crap.

I can eat fruit, I can have greek yoghurt and I can have naturally sweet foods but no biscuits, chocolate, ice cream, cake or pastry items.

I am not going full no-carb as I believe small steps make it easier to stick to something.

Wish me luck as I think this is going to be a real challenge.  As I am writing this I can’t decide whether to drool at the list of goodies above or cry!

Have you ever given up sugar?  Do you have any tips (apart from don’t do it)?

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