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I am quickly becoming a huge fan of Facebook Live. A great way to share ideas, news and ask questions.  Today we talked about life on the SEND Line.

The SEND Line

If you missed the Live event, you can watch it again here.

The SEND Line – Facebook Live

SEND Line – Parents

How do you cope with life on the SEND Line?  What tips would you share with another parent as a way of getting to the place you want to be?  When you’re feeling angry, withdrawn or anxious, how do you get to feeling more relaxed, confident or accepting?

Please share your tips so other families can make their journey on the SEND Line more manageable.

SEND Line – Practitioners

As a practitioner, have you thought about where the families you work with are on the SEND Line?  Have you considered how this can be changed with your support?  Is there anything you can offer them to help?

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