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Today has been a very unproductive day – mostly due to the fact that I actually went out last night and drank alcohol.  Forgetting that I don’t this often, I also decided that “shots” were a good idea.

Being so out of practice at the drinking thing, I have seriously paid for it today.  And what happens?  I wake up to very bright sunshine.  All week we have rain, cloud and dullness but not today when I wake up with a bad head, oh no, we get sunshine!


wine-1All diets have gone out the window today too – so the sunshine reminding me that I may have to expose a bit more flesh was not what I needed, especially as I sat eating a stodgy carb filled “brunch”

What a start to the half term but then again, I did have fun last night.  A catch up with a friend I haven’t seen for months, a live band that were really good and a chance to let my hair down without worrying about SEN or the system for a few hours.

How is your Saturday going?

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