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How do you motivate yourself on a Monday?  For some of us we see it as the start of a new week, a new beginning.  For others, we see it as another day to get through.

Today I wanted to share something we do at home to keep ourselves motivated and give ourselves the kick up the butt we need to get over a bad day.

Get your happy onWe get our happy on!

Each year, we all write a list of things that make us happy.  This can be anything from “having a cup of tea in peace” to “getting to watch RHO Beverley Hills without being asked why I watch it”.

These lists are then typed up and put on bedroom walls, fridge doors or office walls.

Our lists include things like “ice cream before dinner”, “back to back Fresh Prince of Bel Air”, “a long bike ride”, “the beach”, “Tom & Jerry”, “reading my favourite blogs” and “Pink Floyd played loudly with no complaints”.

What do you do with your Happy List?

When you have had a bad day, a bad phone call or just filled out a really long soul-destroying form, you grab your happy list and choose one or two items from it.

So when the kids come home and school has been hard, or hubby arrives home and his journey has involved traffic jams or idiots on the road, we grab our list and choose something from it.  It’s a way of drawing a line under a bad experience and moving on.  It helps us to remember that it was just a bad hour, day, week and not a bad life.

I always start my Monday with something off the list.  It makes the week start with a smile.  The kids have all gone back to school, my to do list was written last night and just before I start my “54321 countdown“, I choose something from the list and do that first.  It makes me smile, it makes me relax and also I find I am more productive.

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