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Why you do what you do?  Have you asked yourself why you do it or do you just do it?

Why do you write a blog? Why do you run a group? Why do you go to the gym?

Why do you get up each day and push yourself to do it again and again? I am not talking about being a parent and getting up each day to ensure the kids get to school, get to their appointment or get their medication. I am talking about the things you do by choice.

Are you doing it because this is your goal?

Your goals or someone else'sDo you even have goals? Not just an idea of something you want to achieve but an actual goal, written down with a plan and a deadline?  Do you have a goal you are chasing?

Goals make a real difference with your motivation. If you have a goal with a plan, it gives you a focus. If you don’t have a focus, everything becomes an effort or a chore and procrastination becomes your friend. We procrastinate when we have no focus or when we feel we are expected to do something.

It’s important for you to have your own goals.

Someone else’s goal

Helping others to work towards their goals is great but not if it becomes so time consuming or demoralizing that you don’t have the time or inclination to work towards your own.

Sometimes it takes a close friend to see this, you are often so wrapped up in it that you can’t.

Thankfully I have a great tribe around me and they have been able to help me look at my own goals and re-focus, on more than one occasion. They have also been very good at helping me to say “no” occasionally.

I now have goals for the different aspects of my life – my work with BUT, my health, my family life, and I have just set goals for this blog, which is something I have never really considered before. This blog was always something I didn’t dedicate time or passion to. However, I have realised from some of the feedback I get and the growing number of people reading this little blog that people enjoy reading what I have to say and like the way I write.

Having goals I have set for myself, to achieve things I am passionate about has made all the difference. I have committed set times in my day to focus on the goals, I am using my habit tracker and my bullet journal is my constant companion.

In the next week, I am going to chat more about setting goals, how to think about goals and steps we need to take to get there. I am qualified and experienced Life Coach so I will be sharing some strategies and techniques – the ones I use when I know I need to practice what I preach!  Don’t forget to sign up here to ensure you don’t miss these posts.

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Chasing your own goals – Final Thoughts

Ask yourself why you are doing what you do? Is it for you or for someone else?

Are you going to the gym because it helps you to reach your goal of being fit/running 5K or are you going to encourage a friend who won’t stick at it if you don’t push her? Are you running a group because your goal is to bring people together or do you do it because no one else will?

Helping a friend out with a plan or supporting a friend with a project, well that’s the nice thing to do, being there for our friends is important.  I’m not saying don’t help others.

However, when you find yourself putting your own hopes and dreams on hold so you can help others to achieve their goal, well that is not such a great place to me.

If you can relate to this, then take my advice – stop!

You are not giving up on a goal if the goal doesn’t belong to you, you are not quitting or failing to achieve; you are acknowledging your own worth.

Acknowledging your own worth is a goal we all need to have.

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