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We were supposed to get the keys this Friday to our new “tin hut” – I love that name Kathleen – but because we wanted a pitch nearer to a parking space, we have to wait another week.

So I am keeping myself busy by looking through pin after pin on Pinterest for caravan inspiration.

The cushions on the sofa are very outdated and very dark. So I need to think about how to recover them (and also need to find out if the material has to be fire retardant and if so, where I get that from).

Caravan Inspiration
Look at those gorgeous curtains too…….

I have found a few different pins on how to recover the sofa, some of them easier than others. One used oil cloth and that was a definite no no for me – can you imagine sitting on that after a hot day or sticking to it as you drink a cuppa?  Yes it may be ideal to keep clean with children around but this is also a haven for us grownups.

Caravan Inspiration
© Modish Manor

Modish Manor described how to cover them – without much sewing required. However, I worry this may make the seats too bulky to fit into the space.

Cassie Fairy
© Cassie Fairy

Cassie Fairy also came up with a way which is great except no way of removing them to clean at a later date.

I think however, there is a happy medium between the two methods. Maybe the use of Velcro is an option – my sewing skills don’t extend to zips just yet!

There will be a lot of material needed so am now looking for places who sell large quantities without it costing an absolute fortune (we are working within a small budget).

No doubt, there will be a lot of work ahead, however, the lovely Cassie Fairy and Happy Loves Rosie blog posts about their glam vans are fab and are keeping me excited. I love how they have shared so many tips and ideas, along with lots and lots of “oh look at that” moments.

Caravan Inspiration – Coastal Theme

I am thinking of a coastal theme for the van – I would go shabby chic but I think my hubby may divorce me as it’s a family van.

My dream would be one of the little vans everyone is raving about and, even though we have the space to have one in the garden, there is no way we can actually get it into the garden. I doubt my neighbours would appreciate it being on my front lawn and I’m so nosey, I would hate not being able to see what was happening outside!

The coastal theme is so adaptable and my beloved Pinterest has so many ideas for me to pick from. How did we plan anything before Pinterest arrived?

Practical Caravan Inspiration

One thing you forget when you buy a caravan is the fact that as well as all the joy of interior design and active lifestyle, there are also the basics to buy so you can actually use the caravan as a home.

Happy Glamper
© Happy Glamper

Thankfully, the lovely Happy Glamper has provided a checklist of the essentials for the kitchen so I’ve adapted this and added it to my Bullet Journal.

Caravan Inspiration Books

As one of my favourite pastimes is reading, I have also been searching for some inspirational caravan books.

These two have made it to my wish list.  Sadly they will have to stay on there for a while as we are working on a budget and all non-essentials have been put on hold.  Obviously the definition of “essential” is different for me and my hubby so there may be some discussions soon.  They both look so beautiful and the reviews are great. I can imagine them now sitting on the coffee table in the caravan.

Click on the images to go to Amazon book store.

Vintage Caravan Style
© Lisa Mora
Make the most of your caravan
© Rob McCabe

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