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Why did I think driving 300 miles on a Bank Holiday would be a good idea?  Why did I think Bank Holidays and Motorways would ever be a good combination?

My day started badly when I was setting up the kids DVD players in the car and managed to lock myself into the back seat. Totally forgot about the child locks and had to wait for an obliging (albeit highly amused) neighbour to open the door for me!

motorwayThen 6 motorways to navigate while trying to play “I spy” with a difference. My ASD son insisted on “I spy a Decepticom/transformer/autobot beginning with …” Whereas my VI son, well it’s a case of guess any word you can – for example we had “B” on the M6 Toll which was, of course, a banana. Lots of them on the M6 Toll obviously.

So what else made the 5.5hr journey seem to take 5.5 days?

1. The lovely old dear driving at 40mph in the middle lane oblivious to the world around her

2. The berk in the merc who thought that driving as near to my rear bumper as possible, while flashing his lights, would make the car in front of me go faster

3. The lovely bank holiday drivers who think “I’ll pull out and then indicate”

4. The middle lane drivers who suddenly realise they have an accelerator as you try to overtake

5. My youngest son wearing headphones so shouting all his questions and not hearing your answer so shouting them again

6. The repetitive joys of “are we nearly there yet” starting after 35 miles of a 300 mile journey.

7. The headrest mounted DVD player with “My Little Pony” on repeat

And the biggest thing – stupid service station mirrors! Yes, I know I need to lose weight but boy, those mirrors were particularly harsh.

I’m at an age where bright lights are not my friend so bright lights and full length mirrors at close proximity just added to the stress.

So I know that I should now be motivated and reduce carbs, fat and calories but it’s half term, I’ve driven 300 miles and all I can think of is “chocolate and wine”

How did your bank holiday go?

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