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I have been really crap bad recently at writing blog posts.  I think because it had started to feel like a chore and I wasn’t enjoying it.  I love writing though so I wanted to get back into more regular posting.  Bring on #Blogtober2017

It’s a daily challenge throughout October to write a post each day with prompts to use.

All About Me

I thought I would share some information about myself that you may not know.  Most of my readers will know I am a very happily married mum, over the age of 21 (by quite a few years);  I have three school aged children with a variety of Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities (SEND) and although I was born and raised in Merseyside, I now live in Kent.

Life Aspland on the beach

What you may not know about me

  • I have a real passion for stationery.  And when I say passion, I actually mean a very unhealthy, expensive obsession.
  • I use a bullet journal to keep myself organised
  • I love gadgets.  Whether it is a £5 cheese slicer from the local garden centre, a £2k computer from the Apple shop or a 50p stationery stamp.  I just love gadgets.
  • I practise daily meditation.  It helps to clear my head and makes me a nicer person to be around.
  • I love cheese & onion crisps – but only if they are soaked in salad cream (don’t ask)
  • I can write backwards as quickly as I can write forwards (a talent that comes from sitting on too many buses as a youth and wanting people outside the bus to read my messages)
  • In my mis-spent youth, I was an 18-30 rep
  • I have a mild form of brittle bones (osteo genesis imperfecta i) so the whites of my eyes have a slight blue tint to them.
  • I love reading
  • I love audiobooks but only personal development books; never fiction
  • I rarely drink now.  However, when I do drink, I forget that I rarely drink and think I am still a rep who has the capacity to drink more than most
  • I have been prescribed anti-depressants
  • I have been prescribed anti-anxiety medication
  • I see a clairvoyant quite regularly
  • I can swear, fairly proficiently, in Spanish
  • I am not competitive in the least – but really wish I was

What about you?

Tell me something you think I probably don’t know about you


16 thoughts on “All About Me”

    1. I do the same but know how much I forget to do if it’s not in there – perhaps you could get back into it by writing a list of Blogtober2017 prompts in there?

  1. Something about me… ermmmm WEll I know you’ve just read my about me post so that’s not left me with much else to say. Oh, I know… I like the smell of my husband’s armpits. They’re not all sweaty and smelly like you initially think when you hear the word armpits but just a slight masculine smell.

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