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I am always looking for ways to make me feel better.  Or more accurately, ways to make me feel better which do not involve large quantities of chocolate.

I am a real comfort eater.  Make me sad, I eat.  Make me happy, I eat.

I have discovered that really attacking my kitchen cupboards and worktops is a good way to deal with anger.  Taking out my frustration with a bottle of bleach and lots of physical scrubbing really helps me vent my anger.

As a woman who lives by the motto “house work never killed anyone but why take the chance”, I think it is probably also the novelty of deep cleaning that helps.

However, I wanted to look for other options.  Cleaning cupboards may help me deal with anger but it doesn’t necessarily make me feel happier.

I have found a lovely simple way to make me feel better.

Saying thank you.

If I spend just a few minutes sending a quick email or message to someone to say “Thanks for…..”, it always makes me feel good.  I love this.  It is so simple and so rewarding, especially if you send it to someone who is really not expecting it.

So give it a try this week.  Take a few minutes to send a quick thank you to someone and let them know how much you appreciate it.

Do it privately.  You don’t need to post it on FB to make yourself feel better.  Doing that often means someone will feel over looked if you don’t thank them.   Private is better.

Let me know how it goes.

It’s always great to feel motivated on a Monday, that’s why I love being part of the Monday Motivation Linky.

If you missed last week’s, you can still see the posts here.

As this week’s host, I have the difficult job of choosing just two favourites.

This week, I have chosen

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I like the idea of focussing on what made you happy, rather than what made you angry/sad.

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Some really great simple ideas in here – I am sure there is something you will be able to use.



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